Hi, I’m Nick Barton. I’m very glad you’ve found your way to my website. By way of a brief introduction, I’m currently a consultant to the health and social care sectors, advising on a broad range of issues, from strategic partnerships and working relationships, to standards, cultures and visions. Previously, I was Chief Executive of the charity ‘Action on Addiction’. I have a masters degree in Clinical Psychology, and an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath for services to addiction treatment.

Please have a look around my website, there’s lots of information about me and my work. I hope I can be of service to you — drop me a line or give me a call to discuss your requirements.

Making Sense

In the pressurised business of running an organisation, or even part of one, it is sometimes hard to think as clearly as we would like; to make sense of what is happening around us and, as a result, to make good decisions and act effectively. In such circumstances I have always found it helpful to have someone to talk to who was independent of the dynamics that I was dealing with.

Besides their objectivity, I found it especially helpful if that person understood relationships and to supporting me brought insight and wisdom acquired through experience. They helped me make sense and I took it from there.  I am offering that and other kinds of support to others.

About Me

A little about my background, experience and qualifications



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Just a Thought

Some of my insights and reflections to provoke further thought