Interests and Expertise

Nick is interested in how organisations and individuals working in the health and social care sector can produce real and lasting benefit while coping ethically with the demanding, even threatening realities of the world in which they operate.


Charities have to cope with the many challenges of the modern world and are often caught between the competing expectations of different sectors of society about what they should be and how they should behave.

Charity governance – Boards sometimes struggle to think and operate effectively, especially in their relationship with their executive. They often forget to look at themselves as a team with both individual and collective responsibility.

Charity mergers – They are possible but require a lot of thought, planning and careful management of the practical steps. The process is not completed simply by signing the merger documents.

Fundraising – Making the case for support in appeal writing. Appeals have to be appealing and convincing. Reviewing and reporting is just as important.

Service organisations in general

Clarity of vision and purpose – These are essential. Shaping them creatively sometimes requires the help of an independent mind and imagination.

Organisational cultures – How best to cultivate a culture of quality rooted in ethics and values that gets good work done. Making good things better is exciting. Cultures sometimes need to change. That’s not easy. First they need to be understood.

Standards – instituting the formal basis of quality. Standards mean little without a vibrant culture to support them

Service development – Even tried and tested models of service may be in need of an update. The time or circumstances may call for innovation or refinement.

Strategic partnerships – Working with others who have overlapping interests and aims requires commitment and care, especially about the risks and to building trust.


Teams – understanding what makes them work and doesn’t; getting the best out of people

Working relationships – in every sense

Mentoring – personal support

Writing and editing

Public speaking